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About the International Jun Tong Taekwondo Federation (I.J.T.F)

As a Traditional Taekwondo School, you want to serve your Instructors and students to help them become the best that they can be.


That's Where the the I.J.T.F Comes in...

The I.J.T.F Provides Support & Training to Member Taekwondo Schools Nationally and Internationally

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By receiving the best and most qualified support possible as a member school, you can support your students.


The I.J.T.F does this by providing training materials, seminars, instructor development courses, Black Belt certifications, and access to Grandmaster and Master in person training, all based on traditional Taekwondo teachings.


In addition to resources and training, I.J.T.F membership conveys International recognition for Traditional Taekwondo schools and their

instructors and students.

IJTF President Louis Radicioni
SM Harry Payne

Grandmaster Louis Radicioni, I.J.T.F President

Grandmaster Harry Payne,

Executive Vice President

A Brief History of the I.J.T.F

Even in his earliest days of Taekwondo, Grandmaster Dunn's commitment to the history and teachings of traditional Taekwondo was evident to those who instructed him. Throughout his lifelong practice and growth as a martial artist, he always held steadfast to those traditional teachings, including Taekwondo's original Chang-Hon patterns.

It was due to his ostensible dedication to Taekwondo's earliest origins, that his instructors encouraged him to establish the International Jun tong Taekwondo Federation. Today, GM Dunn's vision to preserve and expand the art of Traditional Taekwondo can be seen nationally and internationally through I.J.T.F member schools. These member schools, whose instructors and students are equally dedicated, ensure that the traditional art of Taekwondo will be honored and practiced for generations to come.


IJTF Founder GM Dunn

Grandmaster Robert Dunn, I.J.T.F Founder

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